The TDF is a pioneer in the Private Public Mix DOTS, establishing a DOTS clinic at the Makati Medical Center, in collaboration with the Department of Health, Makati Medical Center, and the Barangay San Lorenzo. This became the first pilot project on the programmatic MDR-TB Management (previously called DOTS-Plus) approved by the Green Light Committee working within the STOP TB Partnership and the World Health Organization. The PMMT has pioneered in the management of MDR-TB patients with second line drugs and has demonstrated that it is a highly cost-effective program with significant public health impact.

Since July 2003, the TDF was elected by the Country Coordinating Mechanism in the Philippines to be the Principal Recipient (PR) of the Global Fund Projects in the Philippines, being one of the first private sector PR. As PR, it is responsible for the financial and programme management of two Tuberculosis Projects approved in Rounds 2 and 5, two HIV/AIDS projects approved in Round 3 and 5, and two Malaria projects approved in Round 2 and 6.