Green Light Committee

The Green Light Committee (GLC) approved TDF to undertake MDR-TB management in August 2000, two months after TDF submitted its proposal.

The GLC is a scientific body of experts formed in 2000 primarily to increase access to quality-assured second-line drugs in resource-limited countries. The secretariat of the GLC is at the World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva. This was created by the Working Group on DOTS-Plus which in turn was designated in 1999 to lead the MDR-TB control efforts of WHO. The GLC is composed of WHO as permanent member, and other agencies, e.g., the Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, International Union against TB and Lung Disease, National TB Programs of high-priority countries: Latvia/Estonia, University of Harvard, Medical Research Council (South Africa). Former members were Medicines sans Frontiers (MSF), KNCV, and Peru NTP.


The GLC reviews project applications and determine if projects are in compliance with WHO guidelines. Projects that meet the requirements will benefit from reduced-priced 2nd line drugs and technical assistance.


The GLC has the following strategies in its implementation: a) provision of access to reduced price and good quality drugs through its pre-qualification project and pooled procurement, b) ensure rational use through application review and approval, monitoring and technical assistance, and c) creation of policy through operational research and guideline development


The advantages of having been a GLC approved project include the ff: Access to:

  • quality-assured drugs
  • low-cost drugs
  • continuous drug supply
  • technical assistance
  • Increased rational use of drugs
  • Creation of wide evidence base for policy development

Link between GLC and the GFATM

During the Third GFATM Board Meeting, 10-11 October, 2002, it was agreed that: to help contain resistance to second-line anti-TB drugs and consistent with the policies of other international funding sources, all procurement of medications to treat MDR-TB must be conducted through the Green Light Committee (GLC). This ensures that all projects are in line with the guidelines for the management of drug-resistant TB.