Implementation of DOTS by the private sector Photo

Implementation of DOTS by the private sector

The Tropical Disease Foundation, Inc. (TDF) in cooperation with the Makati City Health Department and Department of Health aims to prevent and eliminate the spread of tuberculosis (TB), the most common communicable disease in the Philippines, through Directly Observed Treatment, Short Course strategy (DOTS).

TDF offers a public-private mixed DOTS clinic for patients who have symptoms suggestive of TB or who are suspected to have tuberculosis by private healthcare providers.   DOTS is the most effective means of controlling the spread of tuberculosis; and by involving the public and the private sector, case finding and engagement to treatment is intensified.

TDF-DOTS Clinic is located in the heart of Makati. It caters mostly to patients who live or work within a 2-km radius catchment area. These may be walk-in patients or referrals by physicians of nearby hospitals such as Makati Medical Center (MMC), referrals from diagnostic clinics, schools, business establishments, and offices.  Clinic operation is extended from early morning until late in the afternoon to accommodate the working sector.

After AFB sputum smear tests for TB suspects are done, treatment is initiated for patients who are found to have a positive sputum test.  However, smear-negative/ X-ray-positive pulmonary TB patients are referred to the TB Diagnostic Committee of TDF-MMC that recommends whom among the patients should undergo treatment.

Our clinic assists patients, who are diagnosed in the TDF-DOTS clinic and are living outside the catchment area, to be transferred to another DOTS center near their residence for easier access to anti-TB drugs and care.

Tropical Disease Foundation is one with the world in achieving millennium development goal number six by serving more TB patients in the future.